How far are you traveling to see the show? Over 550 miles one way for me.

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5 hours but this winter has already been really bad. I'm hoping the weather cooperates. I'm not sure I'll be able to do the trip if it's icy like it is tonight. :*(

Pshh... Mine is like a 30-40 minute subway ride for me. This is one of the great benefits of going to school in Chicago! Plus, I've got VIP tickets for that show! I am sooooo stoked!

coming from Toronto!

about 900 miles o/w, as the crow flies.

Wow-- are you flying or driving? I drove 900 miles to Florida not too long ago, that drive is no joke!

Smailtronic said:

about 900 miles o/w, as the crow flies.

we're coming from Michigan... right about 100 miles away... quick trip...

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