I'm so excited that Weezer is bringing their "Memories" tour to Chicago. I was so bummed when they announced the initial tour dates. How could they not come back to the best city in the world? I look forward to seeing them for the fourth time. I'm opting for the Pinkerton show. I truly cannot wait!!!

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Yeah it's gonna be a pretty exciting time! I am pretty sure I get to go to both nights so that's gonna be awesome, if I had the choice I would go see The Blue Album night, Only In Dreams and The World Has Turned will be worth it by themselves :) CHI TOWN FTW!
Have a great time at both shows! I'm envious of you. I wish I could attend both, but unfortunately money is an issue. I've always loved Pinkerton. I never understood why it was panned by the critics way back when. It was an instant classic for me all along.
Ah Chicago, hometown of fob and shooting location of Batman. I've always wanted to go. I actually have been there (at the airport, does that count?). Yeah I think it's cool they added Chicago instead of only hitting up the east and west coast. But I wish they'd announce the NYC show dates!
I really hope they add a Cleveland date. If not, though, at least Chicago is doable. So I guess I'm excited about the Chicago date too...

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