Cheney is God (Where's the Love?)

Long/Rambling Post... Forewarning.

For those who don't know it....Chris Cheney is the guitarist (lead,rhythm,only) and Lead Singer/Songwriter of the band The Living End. The band hails from my hometown of Melbourne Australia, where they are (mostly) household names. It is my contention that around TLE exists one of the great injustices of modern music, with the blame falling on many factors. Though, this isn't about where or with whom the blame lies, but rather the injustice i speak of. The injustice of the LACK of knowledge and appreciation for TLE, and/as opposed to the INFAMY of arguably lesser - equally talented Australian Bands... (Ac/Dc. Silverchair. etc..)

In 2007 I travelled to North America. More specifically, Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, St. John's NL.) and New York. The biggest shock, and most disappointing thing I learned of North American's on that trip was in their knowledge of Australian Rock and Roll/Punk/Punk-Pop/Pop-Rock/Alternative Music. Most everyone I spoke with on the subject had the same, limited, knowledge. They knew Silverchair, Ac/Dc, Midnight Oil, Jet, and maybe a couple of people Wolfmother or The Vines. But, the greatest disappointment was in the lack of any knowledge of Chris, and/or, The Living End.

I won't  go about preaching the where and when's. That's what Wikipedia and Google are for. But(!) I feel obliged to preach the gospel of Cheney. It bothers me greatly that there is such adulation and sentimentality for bands such as Ac/Dc throughout the world, and not so for The Living End. Most Australian's, or otherwise, who have a knowledge of the music of both bands , and the history of Australian Rock Musicians/Bands will no doubt have a large amount of respect and a high regard for Chris Cheney - The Guitarist, The Songwriter, The Rock and Roll Icon. But that big love unjustly exists in far too few hearts and minds'. As I stated, there are many possible explanations for the lack of recognition and the unfairly short reach of The Living End. But that's history.

I believe that there is a similarity in a lot of the qualities of Chris and TLE and Weezer. I.E. Chris, like Rivers is an incredibly accomplished guitarist (arguably, the best Australia has ever produced). Also, while The Living End started out of more a 90's Radio Friendly, Ska-Punk-Rock scene, they did so with a bang. Their first single being the biggest and most successful in a line of commercial hits. As they grew as people (They were still in high school when they broke into the mainstream), so did they as musicians.. Tending towards a more Punk/Pop, then Pop/Rock then Alternative style. Never though (Arguably), did they consciously seek chart success, nor did they mould themselves to suit international markets.. Simply, as a trio of Divinely talented Musicians.. they grew and confidently expanded their sound through exploration and experimentation.

When i listen to TLE records. Specifically their 1st and 2nd LP's (Self-Titled and, Roll On) I feel an almost overwhelming sense of excitement, amazement and awe at Chris's guitar masterdom. I wasn't around.. but i think it a feeling alike that which inspired the 'Clapton is God' graffiti of the 1960's(?).

I don't expect that everyone will love TLE as much as I do, or even get it at all. But I feel like i should do what I can to bring attention, DESERVED attention that never was. And I might be wrong, but i think a lot of people who like Weezer's music, would be very inclined and appreciate The Living End's Music.

Also,I know there are a lot of Australian members around here. What say you? Fan's or otherwise, i'd love to know what you think about the opinion i hold, that there is a huge under-appreciation of greatness that is unjust and need be remedied...?

Maybe it will help to mention that when Green Day performed in Melbourne, 2005, Chris joined them on stage to play guitar on a rendition of 'I Fought The Law.'



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...Note: Yes.. This post was/is too long even for me to be bothered perfecting the grammar/spelling errors. It bothers me more than you, I promise.
it doesn't bother me...because i didn't read it.
can you stop posting? thanks.

I really loved the Living End, until that Green Day comment....ughhhh


I think American's like Ac/Dc because it's really simple music, jut one riff repeated over and over.


Silverchair hasn't been popular in the states since the 90s.


The Living End is popular in punk/rock-a-billy crowds, but those aren't mainstream at all.


Australia's population is 21 million, the USA's is 300 million, so maybe the Living End knowledge is just more spread out, therefore making it harder to find when you visited the states.


With all this said, I still think everyone should own the album Roll On

Silverchair > all Australian "bands" combined. imo.

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