i thought about this the other week, it could work out great of it could be the worst idea the world has ever known...

i was going to go on the weezer cruise but now i'm not, had i been going i would of done some filming and picture taking blah blah. seeing as i am not going now i will have to think of something to do that weekend 19th - 23rd jan and perhaps film that. my question is would anyone want to film/ take pictures of your weekend (whatever you're doing) and hopefully get a video that shows a good spread of members on here getting up to all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

or just tell me to stfu if this a crap idea that has been done.

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I'll see what footage can be acquired. I hope quality isn't an issue for you 'cause it's gonna be with a cell phone.

If you want I can film myself watching the star wars blu ray  box set, but that might be a bit boring.

I am actually going away for my B-day with some friends...this is part of the reason why I cant go on cruise :(

I dunno where to yet...its a surprise ( I was hoping it was cruise but I know its not likely...) There will definitely be some shenanigans so if you want footage let me know ;)


Cute idea!  I'll see what i can come up with....

Can I film myself fantasizing about Berry :)???

if you were in CA, you could probably go with me to NAMM

You should do this, Edgey.

Jupiter 80 said:

if you were in CA, you could probably go with me to NAMM

Sad you aren't going on the cruise.

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