Their is no question in my mind that the new Van Halen album "A Different Kind of Truth" is one awesome rock package, songs like "As is" "China town" and even the single "Tattoo" grow on a listener the more he/she listens. Most of these songs were taken from Van Halen demos back from the 70s. It proves that you can rework on demos and make them fit into today's music, where in the past it seemed almost impossible or not worth the effort. Weezer has been digging up Songs from the Black H*** more and more. In fact I'm liking some of the lyric changes being made(new version of Blast Off! is a example) onto some of the songs.(yes its another SFTBH discussion)

What do you fans think can Weezer rework and master the demos and bring the fans a long lost album? or leave it to stay in mystery of what could have been?

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i think the fan made version is going to be spectactular

The "new" version of Blast Off isn't technically new.  It's just the latest version of lyrics he wrote back in 95/96.  It's actually in the Pinkerton Diaries.

I think that if Rivers/Weezer wanted to complete SFTBH, they should have done it before the Alone series.  Now we have the whole thing and even if they did flesh it out it there's not really anything new to hear other than a possibly more coherent storyline.  Had this come out when there was more mystery to the project, it would have been far more interesting.  Besides, I don't think it could ever possibly live up to the hype created by fans over the years.

There is one thing about the project though, I like how ambitious it was.  I think that Rivers was on the right track with this and I have always wanted to see Weezer do something as ambitious as this even if it wasn't SFTBH.

I think it would be neat to see a remaster side/finished with the current weezer line up, then a second disk/vinyl with all the demos/bonus(if any left) maybe add a nice little package. Weezer makes money fans new and old are happy. You get a new sound and the old demos.

basically what you're saying is Rivers shouldn't write new songs

wouldn't be bad for him to take a break, last 2 albums were kinda under par. So maybe hitting the basics will get new juices flowing. Also he made small changes to the live versions so its not like he cant be creative with it or add new tracks if he wanted.

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