I attended half of the show in Austin tonight, and as much as I loved it, I hated the fact that there were obviously drugs present. I always thought of Weezer as a good, clean cut band. I'm kinda annoyed that the pothead next to me did not let me enjoy the show to the fullest. Anyone else think all druggies would be kicked out? 

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I was gonna make a "hey well urine is sterile!" comment but I don't think that makes much of a difference, no. hahaha

I remember when it was still legal to smoke at indoor music venues. It was a nightmare for anyone sensitive to excessive cigarette smoke. I'd get home from a show and my clothes and hair would reek. My eyes and throat would also be incredibly sore. I'm grateful that venues are smoke free now.
Some people do let their drinking get out of hand. I'd prefer to remember a show the following day, rather than get wasted. I've seen more damage done by people who are drunk than by people who have been smoking weed. Though I can understand that people are sensitive to different things.


As for bands throwing stuff from the stage mid-performance, I must have a target marked on my forehead or something. I've survived a collision with a broken Gibson guitar, sweaty towels, water bottles, etc. I know some fans like to keep this stuff, but a water bottle is still just a water bottle, no matter who was drinking from it.


WeezerWoman said:

While we're on the subject of being annoyed at concerts, I have to ask: Does anyone else get all pissed off when Weezer tosses out those beach balls? I mean, I get it. It's a fun concert thing. What ends up happening, though, is some douche bag jumps up for a spike and comes back down and crushes your toes, or someone whacks you in the face going after it. Or, it hits me in the face when I am completely absorbed in some song I've always wanted to hear live.




Ewwwwww!!! I guess I'm glad I didn't get peed on! Well at least not at the concert. I went home that night, rubbed on my dog's belly, and she peed on my hand. I guess she was too excited!

And speaking of Weezer throwing stuff around, Rivers threw some water into the audience, then later on someone threw some water on him. He didn't look very pleased about that. :o
Wait, you realize that sitting next to people who are high will do NOTHING to your lungs, right?

Sara said:
I'm sorry we have differing opinions. The members having smoked pot is none of my concern unless they're doing it right next to me. Sorry I like to keep my lungs healthy. Just personal preference, I guess.
Yes. I learned that in my psychological disorders class.

wowww your really f****** lame. You goto a concert and expect no one to smoke some pot. especially in austin.

People like you are trying to ruin rock music.

ya bro you can't listen to rock music without weed
Yup. I'm pretty sure my drug-free lifestyle will forever ruin rock music. Oh the horror...

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