Can anyone translate these Japanese Death To False Metal liner note scans?

I bought the Japanese DFTM for the bonus tracks, and as is usually the
case with Japanese editions of CDs, you get an extra booklet which has
the lyrics in Japanese. Turns out they also had a five-page essay that
I concluded is about this album, because as you can see from the scans
below, "Odds and Ends", "Let's Write a Sawng", "The Fallen Soldiers",
"Deliverance at Hand!" and Space Twins all get mentioned in English. So
it'd be great if anyone could translate.

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well, maybe RC can help you. He needs the practice.

Dungeon Master said:
well, maybe RC can help you. He needs the practice.

That's why I put it up here, hopefully he'll notice and help out. ;-)

I already asked Karl about this via Twitter, he doesn't know who wrote it and assumes it was someone from the Japanese label or a Japanese music journalist, which is how these things usually go.

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