do the right thing yo

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Ugh, they're playing like a pop warner team. except worse.

hintofcoolness said:
trying to survive work and the Chargers' awful start, otherwise not bad :P

Scott [scotttheweezerfan] said:
Hey HoC! not too much. just trying to survive school. how have you been?

hintofcoolness said:
Scott! What's up buddy?!
Well, even if it does pass, the federal gov't will have something to say. I know it is not in conflict with the Constitution, but I think there was some law passed back in '38 that deals with over-riding a federal law.
Yes! Vote yes! Help get all of our lazy stoner friends off their ass and don't let them forget when to vote. If it doesn't pass it's going to be because people who want it too pass are too high to remember when to vote, or to paranoid to go into the voting booth. If it gets legalized...much less paranoia, and then I can smoke freely before the sf weezer show!
I did the right thing for Oregon :)
Good Job

I did the right thing even though I read the Prop and the way it was written is very bad. There is no way California would be able to collect the taxes on the sale only because of what is in it. Also the fed government did say they would sue. But I voted yes anyway even though it will lose.

Birdmagon said:
I did the right thing for Oregon :)

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