Haha, does anyone remember this?  I had completely forgotten about it until tonight.
(There's a video of Rivers reading it below)

I want to stop by the side of the road
I want to throw up all that I've known
I want to spit it up violent
Like an exhaust pipe and toxic *gag*
I just want to fall to my knees and *gag* until there's nothing left but my bones
And I'll lie in the grass by the side of the road
And I'll rub my hands in the dirt
And I'll meet the worms and I'll rub my face in it
It's not good, it's not bad, it just is
and boooooy?
And I'll emace the tree
And I'll lick the bark and smell the age
Feel the roots deep in the earth
And rip it free with one hand
And swallow it whole
And I'll sit in this bush for an hour or two
by the side of the road
I'll make new friends
Bush friends
I'll listen to the crack as I shift my weight
and it rains
I'll lie on my back
The sponge would do
Going with every drop that falls in my ears, eyes, and nose
My ears, my eyes, and my nose
I'll rub my hands all over my trippin' body
Feel the grass creepin between my legs
And I'll microscope this world
With the careless ease of a mother who holds her baby, I will hold the flower
and see down to it's smallest cell
I will be the flower more than I've ever been myself
And this women I will take her and I'll squeeze hard
and love her and feel inside her
by the side of the road
I'll go to jail by the side of the road
Lick the bars and be the dirt
in the corner of this cell on the side of the road

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... not sure how to get HTML code to work in the original discussion post. Hmmm.. haha..
This is a poem Rivers wrote, right?

elscorcho said:
This is a poem Rivers wrote, right?

Yeah he wrote it, but I'm not sure when (Pinkerton era maybe?).
Oh yeah, I saw this on weezerpedia. I didn't know about the video though, thanks.
I'll make new friends
Bush friends

Best line(s) ever.

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