Hey... So I was at the =W= show in Burlington VT, and got secong row seats from that contest the radio station did to sing with the band (darn you college kid who came in first!) and I noticed that there was a reporter guy with a camera, but attached to the camera was a video camera. I was just wondering if anyone knows where I could find that video, or if that video was just for him. I just thought it would be a cool thing to see because 1. I'm fairly sure I'm in it, 2. I;m sure he got a shot of when Rivers got of the stage and gave me a high five (highlight of my year!)... so yeah, if you know anything about this please comment.



Ps. Here's a pic from the concert that the reporter guy took. I'm the kid in the yellow with the long hair. Why do I look so bored you asked? Probably because.... well I don't know. It doesn't make sense Also if anyone has any videos, please add them!

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As I said in chat: "Reporter guy" is Karl Koch, the band's longtime roadie, historian, friend and webmaster. It's rare that he posts stuff from concerts aside from full song performances (he's an incredibly busy guy). You could always try and e-mail him but don't expect a response back for quite some time: karl@weezer.com
Wait, I assumed it was Karl but how did you get the pic? Maybe it's not...
Burlington Free Press.
Did he have light blonde hair and glasses and set up cameras before the band played? If not, I am wrong.

i don't remember, it was long ago.


Ps. How do you become a moderator?

No real way to "become" a moderator but to post on here a lot, contribute to discussions and not flame anybody.
gohi forgot to add: you need to do all those things on a6.com.

Gohi said:
No real way to "become" a moderator but to post on here a lot, contribute to discussions and not flame anybody.
Lol. What the heck, bro?
Fraid Berry hit the nail on the head with that one, Gohi.  But I give you kudos for at least being here regularly and making efforts to get to know the users.

I'm hurt. I'm on here way more than a6 these days and try to keep new users coming back. I wasn't asked because of my a6 "contributions." But yeah I guess I'll always be known as an a6 guy...


edit: I said a6 way too much here.

My comment was more about the recruitment of a6 members as mods for this site in general.  I didn't mean it as an insult to you.  Please don't take it to heart.  Izza sorry.
'sall good bro

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