Thank you so much guys! it was the best show that i have ever been to in my life, it was good that Rivers played guitar on basically every song and got very interactive with the crowd, i touched his hand :P it was also amazing to hear some of the b-sides and a lot of stuff from Blue, Pinkerton and some recent stuff.

Thank you so so so so much! it was absolutely amazing and i caught a drumstick :D!.


Also i met someone who abslotely loves Weezer like me, we knew every song and all the b-sides etc, it was great :).


The only thing that was strange was that Brian didn't look as happy and didn't smile as much as the rest of the band, does anyone know why?.

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sounds like a sweet show.  I hope they keep this kind of set list when they come to chicago in the fall
What I found really funny, there were two lads at the end of the show arguing about who arguing about a beachball. I brought them in blew them up and wrote "with love, Edgey"
It was truly amazing!  I was the snuggied guy at the end of the set and they made my life, not just cos of that but because of all the material!  I knew all the tracks and they played all my faves.  Incredible!  Didn't expect a post memories tour mash up of mainly Blue and Pinkerton but it was an unexpected treat!
Were you the person that got to go up during "Buddy Holly", and you are so lucky! i ordered my Snuggie over month ago but it never came :(.
Yeah that was me dude!  It was truly awesome to be up there looking at everyone, I'll never forget it.  Sorry about your snuggie man.  :(

Great to hear that you had such a fantastic experience.


it's ok :) you look like Mark Zuckerberg by the way :P.

Dan Treacy said:
Yeah that was me dude!  It was truly awesome to be up there looking at everyone, I'll never forget it.  Sorry about your snuggie man.  :(
Fabulous set list - couldn't have asked for better with so much of Blue and Pinkerton. Yeah, Tired of sex and Say it ain't so my favourites. First time I've seen them live after years of loving them. Even took my kids (pronounced Kyards of course) who love Weezer too. Ears still ringing. Might sneak round to Sonisphere and get in for their set (6:30 Sat I'm told).

Best gig ever !! hugh i seemed to see you loads i never said hi though, i also saw you on the tube home you  were showing off the drum stick and there was that dude with the weezer tattoo everyone thought was ace lol!


Anyway i was right at the front - infront of Brian and he was real pissed because the roadies had messed his guitar setup up, did you see where in one song the roadie had to fix up his guitar lead in the middle of a song an he got really mad! i loved it haha (he also went off-stage to sort something out aswell?)


ACE NIGHT THOUGH ! i was queuing since about 3/4PM and got in the o2 privilege line not even being on o2 they just let me in aha..


Here's me >

And what was this awesome setlist????

pinecone said:
And what was this awesome setlist????
Wow that is awesome:D thank you edgey you get a star

Ps. No longtime sunshine?:(

edgey44 said:

pinecone said:
And what was this awesome setlist????

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