Hi, first time poster here. I saw the band play in Brisbane the other night and it was an excellent and fun show! I was never a manic Weezer fan (never owned any albums) as a lot of people seem to be, but always enjoyed the tunes I heard since the sweater song was released. I also always enjoyed their humour and that they didn't seem to take things too seriously.

As the setlist here shows


the band played a good selection of greatest hits starting from most recent and working their way back to the earlier songs. Then there was maybe a 10 min intermission followed by a very informative and humourous slideshow into the history of the band narrated by Karl Koch (here's the version NZ got http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ6kshxvSwg).

The band then of course proceeded to play The Blue Album in full. I'd familiarised myself with this album a little before the show, and could understand the attraction. The songs were all great live. At the start I was a little concerned on how the large stage seemed a little empty with the four players spread out and very little backdrop, but by the end the show this factor was out of my mind and the focus was on the tunes, as well as the entertaining personalities presented by each band member (although the drummer's expression sometimes seem to suggest he'd rather be somewhere else).

Rivers chatted a little and made jokes and even did a little improv tune dedicated to Australia before going into Island In The Sun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE45kwD9J8E&list=PLAcODj1sWkRXko...

The rest of my videos from the night are here (I'm assuming it's OK to upload them, given others have)


All videos are in HD so change the default quality setting if you want the better quality.

It's probably worth mentioning that Brian Bell was at the merch stand after the show signing copies of his solo album. Also as well as the usual array of various merch items there were some flying W necklace pendants on sale, but these sold out before my friend could get one so get in quick if you're after one.

It seems like the band may have been a little too ambitious in playing the Brisbane Entertainment Centre as it didn't sell out and they actually closed half of the floor/seating off. I've read that fans of the band suggest that the time between tours may have been too long, and the cause of this. Whatever it was, I recommend getting along to see them. Even though I didn't have the emotional connection to The Blue Album, I did for a lot of the hits and all of the songs deliver live.

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