Time to get on the bus for a group request to bring the Memories tour to Toronto.

I don't live any where near Toronto, but it seems this would be the only logical Canadian tour stop.

Canada deserves the Memories tour.


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This is an absolute must! Canada deserves at lest one show and Toronto is a massive city. Not to mention that Rivers himself has stated in an interview that Canada may just have the biggest fan base density
This tour MUST come to Toronto.
I bought the Blue album when I was in Grade 6 and have been a fan ever since. I am now 26 years old.
This could be the best concert experience of my life.
PLEASE come to Canada.
Please come to Canada. It's an absolute must! I'd come to both shows and bring all my friends too!
Damn right this better come to TORONTO!
Guess what? It's not coming to Toronto.

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