When I saw Weezer in Paso Robles, I was waiting in front of the arena with my friends, and Brian walked right by me, and I said "Brian Bell?! Can't wait for the show man!" and He just kind of looked at me and like dodged me. Is he always like this? Let me just say it was kind shitty. But oh well, they put on an amazing show.

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But yes I realize, not the point.
Dissed is what the drummer of AAR did to me. I had already gotten my cd signed by all the other band members and I asked him to sign it, saying "I hope you can find a good spot left on there." He gave me the worst look ever and said... "I THINK I know how to do it." Then when I said thanks afterwards he just said "Whatever." Pretty rude. Yeah, he might have been in a bad mood or had bad news given to him or something, but even in those circumstances I try not to be an outright jerk to other people.

I am not too worried about it, I didn't really care all that much. But I still think it wouldn't have killed him to not be a jerk about it. If I knew he was going to act like that, I wouldn't have even asked him to sign anything. Tyson on the other hand was extremely nice and super cool. Funny as hell.

However, like everyone else is saying. It really doesn't mean anything. I've seen Brian be like that before. And I've met him and he was incredibly nice.
Thanks man, That is so unfortunate about the drummer. At least Tyson was cool. How'd you like them live? I got to see them for free actually about 4 years ago. Pretty good show.
Brian had to go and drop an impossible bend in the bathroom.... if y'all know what I mean.

Hope you do, 'cause I really don't.

Aaron Houtman said:
you touched him. thats worth 1000 words

edgey44 said:

Aaron Houtman said:
you touched him. thats worth 1000 words
Brian Bell totally kissed me.
i've always thought brian was courteous when i met him, certainly nothing like matt sharp who was a total jerk multiple times i met him
Great discussion! I too did not know about the sassmaster thing until recently. So if I get to talk to him at the memories tour and tell him how rock star his swag is when he's on stage he'd probably just shrug it off and go "eh.." lol
I met Brian, and he seemed very shy. I am confused about Rivers. Some friends of mine opened for them back in 94(or something like that) in a little town called Visalia. My friend said Rivers was a "D***", but never told me why. I just learned about this today. The singer, who later was our singer, said Rivers and the rest of Weezer was super cool. hmmmmm I know he has changed, at least that is what I have read.
What I wanna know is how so many of you were lucky enough to meet him!

What I wanna know is why the need was felt to bring back a 3 month old thread to ask this.


I kid though.... If you went to any of the memories tour dates you could have met him and had him sign The Relationship album ;)

EmilyBee said:

What I wanna know is how so many of you were lucky enough to meet him!


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