When I saw Weezer in Paso Robles, I was waiting in front of the arena with my friends, and Brian walked right by me, and I said "Brian Bell?! Can't wait for the show man!" and He just kind of looked at me and like dodged me. Is he always like this? Let me just say it was kind shitty. But oh well, they put on an amazing show.

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My girlfriend and I tried to justify it by saying he was rushing to the bathroom lol. If it was Rivers though it probably would have ruined my night. I gotta say though it was depressing afterward for a little while.
Maybe he was afraid that if he stopped, a giant mass of sass-master lovers would descend upon him and never let him get away.

Or, honestly, maybe he just didn't hear you?
He DEFINATELY heard me. He walked literally right by me, and I like patted his shoulder. Needless to say it was extremely awkward. And there werent really a lot of people around. Not a lot of hardcore fans. Just teeny boppers.
It was the sass talking.
He even mastered the art of "Mind-Sass"? This guy is a genius!
I've met Brian before... Definitely you caught him at a bad time... Or you're not telling us the whole story.
When I met Brian he was at a table drinking a soda actually in a room over... I called to him from a window and he actually made the effort to come out and talk. He signed my shirt and ticket and it was really cool. Very nice guy.

In fact, he probably remembers me because my friend had him sign his arm and belt. Yeah. Weird. Hahaha.
I asked if he's used to fans by now and he replied, "You never get used to it." We even got a picture and it made my night. Gotta love Brian. He doesn't like "Sassmaster", he prefers "Stylemaster" because "sassy" usually refers to "an independent woman". It's not like that Brian, you are very secure in your masculinity. But I can't bring myself to say "Stylemaster" D;
you touched him. thats worth 1000 words
I did indeed touch him! lol, but yeah that's the entire story. It was very quick and awkward. But I'm feeling better because it seems like this isnt usually how he is. I guess I'll just look forward to next time!
Where did all this Sass Master stuff start? I didn't realize it until a couple months ago.
haha you got DISSED!
It's very old. People were saying it when I first start posting in 01.

elscorcho said:
Where did all this Sass Master stuff start? I didn't realize it until a couple months ago.
It's not really a joke, more of a title I guess.


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