And moderately wealthy people. And slightly wealthy people. Everyone knows they're all douchewads and not only that, none of them put in a lick of work or effort to get the money or status that they have.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go buy a lottery ticket in an attempt to become exactly like the people I perceive as despicable.

God Bless America

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I hate people who don't hate other people.
I hate people who hate people who don't hate other people.
I love you man!
i hate most londoners............the rich snobby ones that thinks the world revolves around them.
them make me feel like scum because im not a well off banker who ruined the world
Kind of a short sighted way of looking at things. It was actually legislation that forced banks to provide home loans to people that had no business receiving them. I'm talking $200K home loans to people making 30K a year. Not good.

No offense but people just don't become rich by accident. It usually entails hard work, education, and the initiative to take advantage of opportunities.
i can be short sighted, but not here there generally are loads of wankers that 'typically' live in london, the majority are ok though
for the record im happy with my little life :)
As am I. I'm too lazy to be rich :)

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