And moderately wealthy people. And slightly wealthy people. Everyone knows they're all douchewads and not only that, none of them put in a lick of work or effort to get the money or status that they have.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go buy a lottery ticket in an attempt to become exactly like the people I perceive as despicable.

God Bless America

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Perhaps redneck vajayjay ;)
I like my little life too.
I dislike Liberals, That is all
No not all just a very few of them. :)
I hate commies and facists
elaborate on this please.
We hate you too.....
There's more old money than new money in the world. Most people who become rich are born into families with money. The other way comes down to luck and a willingness to be unethical as much as it does hard work or education.

Plenty of rich people are as dumb as can be.

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