Night One - Blue:

A good, not great show. Highlights: One of only two times "Unspoken" has appeared in concert (correct me if I'm wrong). F***-up of "I Just Threw...," "Memories," Blue

Night Two - Pinkerton:

Just watch it all. Even songs like "Hash Pipe" and "Dope Nose" have a spark and energy which is rarely seen from this band these days. Definitely watch "Falling For You" as this is the first time Rivers played guitar on it for the two-night memories shows and the solo sounds amazing. This show is a bit rough around the edges and Rivers' setlist screw-ups are hilarious ("Is he wasted?" asks a curious concert-goer at one point) but those qualities only add to the show's charm. It's the type of show I had always hoped but never expected to from this band in the year 2011.

Huge thanks to Jasonjayeah for filming both shows in their entirety and being cool enough to upload them. How about the quality of shooting and the insane HD quality? Super cool imo.

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They need to come to DC and do that s***. God damn it.

Thanks for posting :)

solo sound alright in falling for you. Could've been better.

Amazing guitar solo defined...

Thanks Gohi. These are really good live recordings.

Love this Dinosaur Jr song too Placemats. I didn't know Julian Assange played bass with Dinosaur Jr in the mid '90s.

jk ;)

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