Hey everyone. I'm in the mood for some fresh takes on old Weezer tracks, and was thinking about buying one of the more recent bootlegs. Has anyone out there gotten one? How good is the audio quality?

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You can listen to samples of the bootlegs ont he store.

I have, but they could just be using the best sounding parts as the samples. I just want to be sure before I spend the money


these aren't recorded by a few dudes standing in the middle of the crowd and then pieced together.

if you get one/two, then imo get the austin , TX ones.. Best performances heard of them

The audience noise on the Riot Fest bootleg is mixed lower than I expected. At the venue, the crowd's cheering was just so overwhelmingly loud and cool, but on the recording it seems quieter than other bootlegs I've heard. I enjoy hearing the crowd cheering, personally. I thought overall it was well-done, and I don't know squat about mixing recordings of live shows.

If you don't have any personal connection to the Riotfest bootleg, don't buy it.  They cut out some of the show's best moments.

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