Who would support the B********* Tour. I am thinking a 1990's band who had a similar vibe to Weezer. Something along the lines of... The Rentals.


Seriously, how cool would it be to see night one The Return of the Rentals, then The Blue Album, with Matt comming out to sing on Say it aint so. Then on night two, Seven More Minuets, followed by Pinkerton.


I just hope Matt and the rest of Weezer are in a good enough place to consider it, and that it came to Australia.

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no opener......just WEEZ, long sets. nothing else needed.
what if weezer opened as Homie for themselves?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
And Canada!! Specifically the K-Rock Centre in Kingston, Ontario!!
We have just started a facebook group , so please join to see weezer in Kingston! Lots of SMART GIRLS here :)
jimmy eat world
blink-182 are on epitaph arnt they?
Goat Punishment, imo.
I was thinking Social Distortion might be pretty b******', but it looks like they've already got their fall tour lined up.
brand new, but only if they're playing their first two albums too....

I don't see the big buzz about the Rentals.

Weezing since Blue said:
no opener......just WEEZ, long sets. nothing else needed.
Nada Surf....long overdue.
Nada surf or even OZMA.

what about >>>>Ridel High awesome band from back in the day. kevin Ridel went on to play in AM Radio (featured on several weezer tours)

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