I am deathly excited for this and was surprised to not see another post about it so decided to stop lurking and write. How excited are all? I cannot wait to be there for *at least* the San Francisco area date!

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U.S tour? :(
come to Canada!

I'm so glad this is actually happening though
Why do they keep calling it their tenth album?
Pinkerton Deluxe+ Alone 3 is considered nine.
I could almost see Death To False Metal being nine, but definitely not a special edition release. Pinkerton Deluxe isn't a new release, and Alone 3 isn't Weezer; it's Rivers.
Oh yeah, I knew that.
Totally stupid mistake.
I was thinking about it but my brain was dumb.
i was gonna post this but forgot.
please come back to New Orleans, even though you haven't made it yet!

I believe it's officially going to be called the Memories tour, according to Rivers anyway.
Old news.
f*** yeah.
i wish they would come to birmingham, al. hopefully they will atleast come to atlanta, it's a 4 hour drive but there is no way i'm missing this tour.
This had better come to England...or there will be trouble

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