Okay, Japan not having footage of "Devotion" was understandable, but there HAS to be video of this! 


Weezer Rebels, I beg of you...HAVE VIDEO, PLEASE!!!

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Agh, Hearing a SFTBH song with different people playing each part makes me realise how much I want the real thing :(
that is pretty s*** hot like!
Too f****** good. The full band version should get some sort of official single release so the more casual fanbase can dig it properly live, it's such a fantastic song and deserves to be appreciated by the masses.
awesome. I wonder why the crowd is stagnant here. I'd be going crazy
That's rad.
That's awesome! Thanks for posting. I love that Brian and Scott sang too...sounded great :D

Pm said:

You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment.  (Well you probably have an idea)...


I just hope it's not a one time thing.  I saw Longtime Sunshine live in Austin, and I don't think they've played that one again.  I really really wish I could have been there for this one haha. So awesome.

Yo Daniel, they played it again in Japan on Pinkerton night, I believe. I bet they'll play it again at non-festival shows (and the only non-fest show coming up is the cruise, if I'm not mistaken).
anyone notice how the lyrics are changed? Does this show signs of new life into SFTBH? Weezer wasted a great moment on a crowd that could care less for this song.........sad, I bet they would have gone crazy for Pork and Beans over this and its a memories show.
Set list?

thiefyouvetaken said:
Set list?

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