Perhaps this has been brought up before, perhaps it is something well known that I don't know about.

In Blast Off! at the very end where it quiets down and he sings "oh no, who is it here that I see" is it just me or does the background music sound like El Scorcho. I am not as hardcore as the rest of you but I don't think El Scorcho was a SFTBH song, otherwise it could a cool reoccurring riff. But maybe that riff lead to the El Scorcho riff.

I don't know if it is the same, same notes but in a different key, or not similar at all, but to me it sounds similar to me.


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Just took another listen, it is very very similar. I think it is slightly different, but I'm sure that they are connected in some way. He may have taken that section and turned it into El Scorcho? They were written around the same time.
I've always thought that, just figured it was inserted there on purpose. The Beatles used to do stuff like that.

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