Everyone on this site seems to hate that song but I don't know why.

I thought it was pretty good...

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We already had this same thread. I really like Beverly Hills.
I think what people were saying on the other thread is that people thought it shouldn't have been a single.

I personally was offended when it was the first new weezer song we got after Maladroit and a period of waiting.

I think that was the first point at which I felt betrayed by Rivers and co.

And it's hard to recover from the PTSD from that.

i really like it :) it's one of my favourite songs.

Hugh Lovric said:
i really like it :) it's one of my favourite songs.
One of the worst songs ever made.
i love that freaking song. if it wasnt for beverly hills, i probably never would have become the weezer fan that i am today. i remember when it came out on the radio, i was like these guys are something special, since it was so far BEYOND anything else that got playing time. that, perfect situation, and we are all on drugs encouraged me to buy make believe, kicking off what would be the start of something great. since then, from copping maladroit at a local record store, buying hurley/death to false metal on opening day, to seeing their live show at bumbershoot, its all been an amazing experience. and it is basically due to that song. of course, it was criticized for its simple boom-boom-clap beat, but that is probably what made it acceptable for radio djs. and its not like weezer made every song like that. (they actually havent made any others like it). i've been to beverly hills before, i can see Rivers' frustration with wanting to live there but just being to much of a geek to ever fit in. those lyrics came from his heart, he's stated that in multiple interviews, but of course, mindless "fans" cry sell out at any new direction he takes. the talk-box solo was another thing unique to this song, and it never fails to make me air guitar along :)

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