What is YOUR favorite weezer tour? Mines the memories tour. whats yours?

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Memories even though they didn't come here. but bleezer for a show that I actually went to.
the SS2K tour and the Green album tour

enlightenment tour-


pat's The Special Goodness opening, Dashboard Confessional in it's heyday, and the era of foosball tournaments

I had so much fun when I went to the FOOZER Tour back in 2005.  Weezer with Foo Fighters, obviously, which probably added to the overall experience for me.  Hot Hot Heat wasn't bad either.
Memories Tour for sure.
Gotta agree with Johnny. Pinkerton night of the Chicago shows I saw was just phenomenal.

johnny rockets said:
Memories tour hands down. The Pinkerton night of Memories LA is my favorite concert of all time. The Vegas Memories show was a beautiful thing to experience (2 of my favorite albums ever) but the Pinkerton LA night was magical. What night did you like better?

sarah leeper said:
Aha, same here. Except I saw em in LA. Which night did you like better?

Jordan said:
Memories Tour! Both nights in Boston were my only Weezer concerts... so far.


The first time I've seen Weezer play live. It was high energy and Weezer fans are super friendly and cool.


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