What Weezer song(s) remind you of summer or you play mostly in the summer. For me, I would have to say Glorious Day, or pretty much anything off of the Green Album. 

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I Want You To and Tripping Down the Freeway would be stand out ones for me, but also Holiday and Island in the Sun
YES Trippin' for sure. Also In The Garage for the in-door jam on guitar/video game/tv types like I used to be when the concept of summer vacation still existed.

Marie said:
I Want You To and Tripping Down the Freeway would be stand out ones for me
Surf Wax America is jsut a perfect song in general lol

Troublemaker said:
The Green Album is summer all over. But I think Surf Wax America is a perfect summer song.

Yeah I guessed that this thread had been made before because it's so obvious of a question, but I was too lazy to look for it :D

Jordan said:

Yeah, Green album (most people won't change their answer from the last ten times this thread was made).
Island in the Sun. Duh. LOL jk ;) Seriously though I like "Say it aint So" a lot during the summer... I think it's because one summer a long long time ago that's all I listened to! So now every summer I have to listen to it. Hahaha

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