What was the best cover Weezer has done?


What was the best Weezer cover from another band?

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In my opinion:


Best Weezer cover:  I'm going to say "Velouria" by The Pixies.


Best Weezer cover from another band:  It's tough, but I'm going to say Only In Dreams by Ash.  Although I really enjoy Jack's Mannequin covering My Name Is Jonas.  Most of the covers I've heard don't do it for me.

I think it would be You Might Think. It is just awesome!

Also in my opinion, no band can do a Weezer song well. I think they all stink.

Happy Together

I liked "Big Me", but out of their releases, I say Velouria.


I like Dashboard's version of Jamie, the String Quartet Tribute to Pinkerton, and Mock Orange's version of OID

Either Velouria or I'm a Believer.

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