I like the start in "Glorious Day" "Falling for You" and "Pink Triangle"

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My Name is Jonas, Surf Wax America, Tired of Sex, Falling For You, Hash Pipe... the list goes on.

"Slave".  That little build in the beginning makes me feel like i'm getting punched in the face with sound.



No other one
I love the way Holiday starts

El Scorcho. The gurgle is such a cool asset to the song!!

Tired of Sex. Four "dings" is a great way to start off a song.

I could choose dozens. Off the top of my head though: across the sea, the good life, photograph, o girlfriend, always, space rock, slave. 

Ask me another day and I could completely reconfigure that list.
Across the Sea, Tired of Sex, Only in Dreams, etc.

El Scorcho

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Hang On


1.  Dope Nose

2.  Holiday

3.  Don't Let Go


All three songs punch you in the mouf.





and slob..

What was I thinking.


PINK TRIANGLE, best ever =w= intro. Magical splendour.

Oh man, how did I forget? Perfect Situation's start is awesome.

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