I'm interested to hear your opinoin about the top lets say 10 songs off Red, Make Believe, Ratitude, and Hurley. So many people bash these albums but even if you hate them or some which songs would you say are the best from them?

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Favorites on Make Believe:
-Perfect Situation
-This Is Such A Pity
-Hold Me
-My Best Friend

Red Album:
-Greatest Man That Ever Lived

-I'm Your Daddy
-The Girl Got Hot
-Let It All Hang Out
-I Don't Want To Let You Go
Top Ten, with no order in mind
1. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
2. Heart Songs
3. Angel and the One
4. This is such a pity
5. Trippin down the freeway
6. Perfect Situation
7. Put me back together
8. Pig (demo is better though)
9. Dreamin
10. The Other Way
Story of My Life trumps everything before and everything since.
1. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
2. Unspoken
3. The Other Way
4. Ruling Me
5. Trippin' Down the Freeway
6. Trainwrecks
7. Freak Me Out
8. Thought I Knew
9. Perfect Situation
10. Time Flies

I can't believe I was able to narrow it down that far
perfect situation
damage in your heart
pork and beans
im your daddy

most of hurley

thats my pick of the recent bunch
I forgot Hurley

-Ruling Me
-Run Away
-Time Flies
I hate pretty much all of them and if I'm required to pick from only those 4 albums, then I really can't come up with anything. Even the things that have potential are ruined in various ways by tasteless decisions.

For example "The Greatest Man" has some good ideas, it's also an exercise in lyrical egomania of the worst kind and some of the "variations" are just totally stupid. That chorus with the "i was born to give" thing is so ill-advised...it makes Bono look humble.

Then there's "Pork and Beans"- decent little riff, but way overproduced and the "i don't care bridge" is ridiculous. Not to mention that "timbaland" verse, which I do not believe for one second is "ironic". Rivers would not hesitate to work with whoever he thinks can help him get to #1.

Then there's "Beverly Hills". This song is bitterly disappointing for so many reasons. #1, it steals from one of the greatest songs Rivers ever wrote ("Blast Off!"), but it doesn't take anything good from it. Where "Blast Off" has this incredible vocal melody, the verse melody in "Beverly Hills" is mostly monotone and sing-song. The spoken-word bridge is unlistenable. The talk-box solo is horribly cliched and totally out of place. The only good moment in the entire song is "i wanna live a life like that i wanna be just like a king, take my picture by the pool, cause i'm the next big thing"--- and certainly not because of those lyrics--but rather that melody and the way he sings it.

I've never understood why anyone likes "Pig" or "Miss Sweeney"..."The Christmas Song" was better than "Miss Sweeney" and really they both pale in comparison to "Holiday", "Susanne", "Devotion", "Waiting on You". "Pig" is just meh...it reminds me of many of the topic-songs from the album 5 demos "hey domingo", "prodigy lover", ugh. The best things from those demos were "Private Message" and "She who is militant".

Raditude has absolutely nothing worth mention.
Greatest Man that Ever Lived is seriously one of the best things they've ever done.

Other great songs Post Pink
Keep Fishing
Hold Me

there's a lot more I really like, but these are the songs I consider GREAT
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Perfect Situation
The Angel and the One
I Want You To
Pork and Beans
Ruling Me
Let It All Hang Out
Hold Me

I only have one Hurley song in there right now. That's only because I've had the album for 2 days now, and it's too early to tell (Ruling Me excluded, it's great). The list will change anyway, maybe even tomorrow. There's a steady rotation of top songs from these albums.
My list doesn't contain songs like Pig or I Don't Want To Let you go, seeing as I think of them more as demos than songs on actual albums.

1.The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
3.I Hear Bells
4.The Angel and the One
5.Run Away
6.The Damage In Your Heart
7.Tripping Down the Freeway
8.Ruling Me
9.Story of My Life
THese are not in any order:

Beverly Hills
My Best Friend
Perfect Situation
Pork and Beans
If You're Wondering
I'm Your Daddy
Smart Girls
I Want To Be Something

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