what do you think the best cover is, this is one of my favourites




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Just came across this cover yesterday. I freakin' love it!


Crystal reminded me of this one when we were in Seattle:


"girls just wanna have fun"-The Killers (Cindy Lauper)
"Bette Davis Eyes"-Brandon Flowers (Kim Carnes)
"I Can't help Falling In Love"-The Killers (Elvis)
"Four Winds"-The Killers (Bright Eyes)
"Blue MOnday"-Orgy (New Order)
"Bizare love Triangle"-Stabbing Westward (New Order)
"What I've Done"-Marie Digby (Linkin Park)
"Losing Touch"-Brandon Flowers (The Killers)
Im sure ill think of more latter


My band and I covered El Scorcho, I think it sounds pretty good! Check it out here: http://prophetalan.com/music/. I also released an album which you can listen to (in full) for free on spotify. If you like it, download it off iTunes! Hate to self-whore, but you could help prevent me from living on the streets again :(

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