Has anyone else seen it? It's a bright orange case with six songs I think.

I feel like it's been around forever, but I've never bothered to pick it up.


It's got songs like Buddy Holly, Beverly Hills, Island in the Sun, Perfect Situation (I think), and a few more.


Is it just the songs, or is the music videos too? I feel like it's a completely useless CD.

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In that case, I may consider it next time drop in.

Ric Hunter said:
The version of "Perfect Situation" on "Six Hits" is slightly remixed. It made the purchase worthwhile for me.

Also, there's a single mix of "Hash Pipe"...  I have two Green albums...  one with an original mix and the other with a single mix...  Six Hits has the second one. 

I like that red album in the corner. 

Mike Small (Smalls) said:


See if you can count them all!

If you're still interested...you can get it for a buck.




Gotta love the slickdeals.

I actually won "Six Hits" in a raffle at a Weezer signing at a Best Buy. Probably the only way they could get rid of it.
its now 99 cents at most best buys...which is 99 cents too much.
Probably some kind of promo giveaway thing that they accidentally made way too many copies of.

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