Has anyone else seen it? It's a bright orange case with six songs I think.

I feel like it's been around forever, but I've never bothered to pick it up.


It's got songs like Buddy Holly, Beverly Hills, Island in the Sun, Perfect Situation (I think), and a few more.


Is it just the songs, or is the music videos too? I feel like it's a completely useless CD.

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Don't buy it.
It's only 6 of Weezer's most popular songs, no videos included.
It's 10 dollars, and buying the songs individually would be 6 bucks.
Six hits. Don't buy it, unless you really, REALLY want to support the band. 

Yeah, the only reason I MIGHT have bought it was if it had the videos. Then still, probabaly not.

I was just kind of curious.

I eBay'd it for 58 cents. I'm awaiting the day a fan begs for it.
Haha, sorry, it won't be me.

G Foo Chombey said:
I eBay'd it for 58 cents. I'm awaiting the day a fan begs for it.
haha how about 57 cents? haha
I actually won that CD while I was standing in line at the Raditude album signings.
My brother bought it for me for my birthday last year...then seemed upset when I wasn't super excited about it, lol. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love supporting the band, but six songs I already own? Not that riveting :(


See if you can count them all!

The version of "Perfect Situation" on "Six Hits" is slightly remixed. It made the purchase worthwhile for me.

Is it a recording contract obligation or something?


Never seen this myself. I hope Best Buys decision to open a couple of stores in the UK wasn't just to help get rid of a load of bright orange cd's.

Oh man, that's crazy. I thought my local Best Buy had too many... four.

Mike Small (Smalls) said:


See if you can count them all!

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