just to extend the chatroom debate
what beers do y'all like?

awww yeeaaahhh

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I threw up in my mouth a bit when I saw this pic

nrezeewg said:

Goose Island 312
Fat Tire
Miller High Life
i like red, amber, and brown ales.

Rogue brews the best beer ever. except their ipa. bleh
Your a student you have to :) !

Dr. B. Lurkom said:
Moose Drool and Alaskan Amber are two I remember from when I was in the states.

There were such a massive variety of beers that differed from state to state I can't remember the names. But I absolutly loved all the American Microbrews I had. Everytime I went to the store I always tried a different type, rather than getting the coors/miller type piss.

Considering The US has such a smaller drinking culture compared to England, their Beer outclasses ours by miles.

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