Okay guys.... so out of the Weezer releases so far, what would you rate as your favourite 3 song sequence?? I'm gonna be a bit controvercial... but I've gotta go with

Hash Pipe
Island in the Sun

I know you can pick pretty much anything from Blue and Pinkerton, but I was just listening to Green earlier and realised how cool those songs sound in order

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El Scorcho
Pink Triangle
Falling For You

and from Alone 1

Longtime Sunshine
Blast Off
Who You Callin' B****?
Across The Sea etc
Wow that's a super good question. Let me think.
a) Getchoo-No Other One-Why Bother
b) The World Has Turned - Buddy Holly - Undone
c) Troublemaker - Greatest Man - Pork & Beans
d) I'm Your Daddy - The Girl Got hot - Can't Stop Partying
e) Photograph - Hash Pipe - Island in the Sun

OH GOD I CAN'T PICK. Definitely not c, not d either. it's between a, b, and e.
Technically b, but e looks so juicy.
but a is so fierce.
it's definitely between a and b
i choose b
god strike me down if i opened the wrong door
Oh No, This Is Not For Me
Tired of Sex
I'd say:

Hash Pipe
Island In The Sun

That being said I think "Don't Let Go" fits in nicely in front of those. I'd also like to say that "Troublemaker/Greatest Man/Pork n Beans are a close second.
In The Garage
Only In Dreams

Close Seconds
Say It Ain't So
In The Garage

Pink Triangle
Falling For You

Prove Me Wrong said:
Across The Sea etc

After looking through these, I think I have to go with

Pink Triangle
Falling For You

However, if El Scorcho was thrown out of the way

The Good Life
Pink Triangle
Falling For You

Would probably be the ultimate three-pack.
across the sea, the good life, el scorcho

no question. it's the perfect cure for a bad mood. starts off moody and by the end it's a sing-along
Tragic Girl
No One Else
Oh Jonas-please remember-come to my pod
You know, I'm not 100% sure, but that's probably my favorite too. I definitely love the "Death and Destruction" to "Slob" sequence, as they are two of, not only my favorite songs from Maladroit, but also two of favorite Weezer songs in general. "Burnt Jamb" is great song too! I think it balances the sequence off nicely. Oh and Maladroit is awesome stuff. But certainly seems pretty overlooked, I feel.

Taylor Keefe said:
Death and Destruction -> Slob -> Burndt Jamb
It's so lonely picking something from Maladroit...oh well.
Pretty much any 3 SFTBH tracks in their intended order would be my 2nd pick.

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