Any beachgoers out there? Let's hear some of the strangest things you've seen at the beach. Especially those near Venice, or the Jersey shore.

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About seven years ago, I was in Bali, at a beach on the south end of the island, and there was an old man (probably about 70 years old) that was very hairy and had on a tiny black speedo, as well as a mansier.


It was disturbing, to say the least.

I had a 3-legged rescue dog with cancer that I would take to a beach in NC once a week to hobble in the water. She was great with my family but mean to everyone else because of being abused before I had her. One day some redneck had spent all day fishing and was just staggering drunk and sunburned bright red. His golden retriever came tearing after my dog on a leash who was tied up and couldn't defend herself so I yelled for him nicely to come get his dog as minE was stumbling trying to fight/protect me but was all tangled up. Old boozy starts yelling at me from down the beach about how special I thought I was because "you're too busy with your cell phone". That's the closest I've ever come to just beating the f--- out of an old man.

There's always this guy in venice. He just skates around and talks to people, catching them off-guard.

That guy seems pretty normal compared to most people in Venice.

It seems that guy who skates around Venice is more of a celebrity than I thought:

I go there and play weezer.

That guy doesn't just hang around in Venice?! Yikes, I'd avoid him.


Weezer bonfire songs!

There's a weezer cover band that plays venice sometimes. They actually play a lot of different artists' songs, but one of the days they played classic weezer stuff. It was great, but no one seemed to be into it.
I remember I used to go to a drum circle that happened every full moon in La Jolla, CA. It was rad, but I guess other people would consider that weird.

That's not too weird.

That beach dude in venice was spotted again:

That's great! I think I know where that is in L.A. He doesn't own any skin colored shoes?


Drum circles can be weird sometimes. I've been to a few where people didn't have a clue as to how to play.

Haha! I found a second news cast about him:

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