Weezer, being the first band that I really got into as a kid, has heavily influenced the evolution of my taste in music. 
Most everything I listen to had some connection to weezer it seems (e.g. Nada surf, pavement, ozma). I am curious if anyone else is like that

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It's all blabber, brah.
sarah leeper, wrong again.
I agree with you a bit...I realized Weezer is influenced by a bunch of other stuff I like. Its all kind of mushed into their music...

sarah leeper said:
no other band matches up to weezer's unique sound and quriks, therefore i can't really say there are other bands to listen to that sound like weezer. really man, it's like you got all your music genres (rock, alternative, r&b, etc.), and then there's weezer in a whole individual place. so any band that you try to "connect" to weezer or say that it's based off of weezer, you're wrong, because nothing can be compared to their awesomeness. lol, does that make sense? or is it all blabber? sorry if its confusing, im writing this at 2:30 in the morning and am losing it.

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