Today I got a text message from a high school kid who worked for me earlier this summer, and I'm pretty sure it was not intended for me...(i have not seen/communicated with him in about a month)


He said:

"heyman i just want to make sure you wont tell anyone about friday was a mistake yeahm"


I said:

"haha, you sure you textd the right person?"




that was 4 hours ago and he has yet to reply.






anyone ever receive (or send) an embarrassing text like this?

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Sent many wrong texts......for some reason always goes to my dad...stupid stuff though.... correct like:  making "children" for dinner instead of making "chicken" for dinner

BTW check out 


I once got a text from a random number that said "thanks for last night it was amazing". I didn't respond.

Two hours later, another text that reads "Wait so your just going to ignore me, was this a one night stand"


So I told her or him that you have the wrong person. They didn't believe me so I had to break up with someone I didn't know over text. It was brutal... for the both of us. 

I sometimes send awkward texts just for the fun of it....some people get really worked up about it and the responses are hilarious

christmas 2008, i got the following text: "hi merry xmas luv sheila".


i could have left it but i replied to say i didn't know anyone called sheila. apparently, that wasn't good enough.


sheila: it's george's girlfriend, sheila

me: i don't know a george or a sheila

sheila: we sat next to you in the pub last night

me: i wasn't in the pub last night

sheila: you were. this is sheila, michael's sister.

me: i don't know a sheila, a george or a michael.


this carried on for about two weeks, at the end of which she admitted she must have the wrong number.


christmas 2009:


sheila: merry xmas from sheila

me: ...


so, we went through the whole 'i don't know who you are' thing again. i still have all the texts on my old phone. it eventually turned out she was scottish and deaf. still, a little disappointed she didn't wish me merry christmas last year. b****!


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