Here is a video of my son, Drake, who does not talk at all singing "Holiday".

He has sang songs start to finish on his toys before and has even done scales before and he's sang bits and parts of songs previously. However yesterday he sang "Holiday" start to finish. I was almost in tears. Today I decided to see if he would do it again and he did.


Keep in mind he's not singing the actual words but it sounds like he is trying to which is a HUGE accomplishment.


I keep telling his teachers and therapists to use music to teach him because that is something he responds to the most.


Here you go :)

My favorite part is when he hit the high note at 1:13 haha!

He seems super proud of this video btw.


BTW-- I only posted half for a couple different reasons. The main being that my husband came home from work in the middle of this and distracted Drake and he stopped singing for about 15 seconds so I thought I'd post the rest of it :)






He shocked me again today.The child is going to be an old pro at Weezer songs before we know it! I love how he also sings along w/the guitars. LOL

Here he is singing "In The Garage"

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Those videos were touching. Your son is adorable and a fantastic singer.
please keep posting these videos! i'd love to see him sing to pinkerton!

Ok :)  I'll post them as he does them. It's hard to tell with him which ones he will and will not sing. Maybe he'll sing along to a Pinkerton song soon seeing as I play Pinkerton more than I do Blue (love them both though!). He LOVES "Getchoo"... he dances to it pretty hardcore to it, LOL.


sarah leeper said:

please keep posting these videos! i'd love to see him sing to pinkerton!
thanks for sharing such a special moment with us...

He is starting to do 3 more. "Jamie" "Susanne" and "Getchoo"

I recorded some earlier but it's still kinda bits and pieces (but the parts that he does is right on tone which is amazing) and it's so neat because when he stops singing he just closes his eyes as if he's really concentrating on it.

It's just amazing. This is the most "communication" he's ever done and it's just been booming this past week.

I'll add the other videos later. I may attempt to put them together into one video... but I kinda suck at stuff like that... LOL

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