I joined the weezer.com thing because it said weezer.com members would have access to pre sale tickets for the Australian tour from tomorrow. However, I have been a member for a few weeks now and haven't seen any info or links to any presales.......how does it work? someone please tell me!

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Have been a member for ages so don't think it has to do with when you joined! I'm in the same boat haven't heard anything yet have spoke to a few others and they haven't either. Assuming we will hear something later tonight or tomorrow!

In the same boat, glad to hear it isn't just me because i've been panicking a bit that i'll somehow miss out on tickets.

Can't wait!

Yeah I was feeling the same too, very anxious right now! Pretty much my know the 'sweater' password one for chuggy, but not sure if there is seperate ones for ticketmaster/ticketed and you get a different code or not. Just would like to be organised

panic it is then.......


apparently the email has gone out...

I've seen nothing, I'm all mailing listed & membered up.


Fingers toes & nuts all crossed!

Me too Ben. I'm starting to panic. (not really, but I'm concerned)

So 3pm on sale hey? Is that EST? Im in good ol Perth and dont wanna miss the boat coz of timezone issues.

If you signed up as a new member on this site or signed up for the mailing list - be on the lookout for an email soon with your presale information.  The presale times are standard local times for the city the show is in.  Looking forward to this, thank you for your patience!

Got the email this morning!


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