So with the new site up and running and it looking like all the members and Karl having accounts I thought it would be a good time to get some support from all the Australian's on this board to get behind a tour down here as we have had some serious lack of Weezer here in the past decade (and more). I figure if the members are going to be here regularly maybe they will see the support there is behind them here and get them to seriously think about touring here.

Recently there has been more hints at a tour approaching with Rivers saying on the old forums that they almost played BDO but the timing wasn't right:

"we almost just signed on for big day out but timing wasn't quite right!

it'll happen!"

There was also the rumors for Weez headlining Soundwave which wasn't the case when the lineup was announced. Then there was the hope that they may have been the third headliner on the second announcement coming in October, which has just been confirmed as being false:

Over the years there have been many threads on the various boards and petitions to get them here, so lets show them how much we want them to come visit our shores so we can get a taste of how good they are live!

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More on Rivers saying how he would like to tour here, so my question is why don't you just come?
Was speaking to a friend about this the other day - we'd easily drop a hundred bucks on tickets if the option to go came up! As part of the B********* Tour would be excellent, but anything would still be doubly fine! :D
I would definitely pay some serious cash to see them play, I would much rather it be a headlining show rather than a festival, especially if it is a Memories Tour! But I would take anything!
If Weezer are doing this "Memories" tour in Nov/ Dec then they must surely be free late January for the Big Day Out unless they are touring this for a long time. I doubt they would go back to Europe so soon and the only other option according to recent tours would be Japan, so why not just come down here too?
We should get all the australia tour threads merged. I think a mod would need to do it, I cannot find a way.
I guess we can probably just post in this thread and let the other one fade away. I think between us we've talked about pretty much the same things in both threads anyway.

I've said for a long time that I don't care who they are touring with, or where they play, I will do whatever it takes to see Weezer if (when) they come back to Australia. I was willing to shell out the money and brave the Soundwave Festival even though I wasn't really interested in anyone else on the lineup. I'd also go interstate to see them if they were doing their own shows elsewhere and only a festival in Brisbane (like they did in '96).
Are you sure that the efforts your putting in to get some mileage from the exposure to weezer in Australia are going to be worth the effort because I believe that concentrating on the US UK and Asian market will provide a better customer base than the exposure in Australia but that is my general opinion.Hope it proves useful.

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That's a long sentence.
Are you saying they have no exposure in Australia?
I have never wanted anything so bad in all my life. I really hope that they do tour some time soon
They definitely need to come here, and please let the first tour here be the Memories tour!!

What you can do to help:
1. Change your forum name to something along the name of mine
2. Become a fan of this Facebook page: AND SIGN THE PETITION (or you can skip that step and go straight to the petition found here: )
3. Invite your friends to become a fan of that page and get them to sign the petition
There was no need to post it in every separate Australia thread since posting bumps the thread to the top anyway.

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