hey guys, have you listen this tribute? a friend sent me this link, there's some awesome covers!

take a look!



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i love these albums
Come on people this worth a listen!
The best cover on here is Smart Girls. Definitely.
I lost interest about 45 seconds into Butterfly.
Doppler's Slave and Donny and Fak's Knock-Down Drag-Out slaughter both Weezer versions imo. They're my favourites on the album.
Oh, and I love the insertion of TWHTALMH's solo in Heart Songs, it makes the song nostalgic for me too.
I really liike it :) there's a few songs that sound really similair to Weezer and a few songs where the singing is really similair.
<3 u 2

Brofessefef said:


It's sh!t and all these people are arseholes.

get with me tonight!!! (you wont)
oh butterfly was horrible!!!
You guys are dicks if you haven't listened to Knock-Down Drag-Out. kthxbai

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