Remember a year or two ago when we discussed collaborating on a song where we each do one thing?

Let's do it.

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I think the first step is setting a tempo and key.

What is this going to be like?
110 is pretty normal for a melodic rock song.
Eeeeh, I think it would only work as a democratic process.

Who gets to play Rivers?
With a vote on what kind of song we want it to be.
Yeah, it seems like G Major is a pretty easy key to sing to as well.
Current list:

Chombey - Mandolin, Recorder, various percussion, vocals, bass, piano
Sugah - Kazoo
Blurkom - guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals
Edgey - Triangle
HoC - Cowbell, guitar, bass
OiP - Drums, Bass, Keys, Accordion, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar (possibly helping with mixing)
Lewis - drums

As far as the song itself and stuff, let's make sure we get everyone first just in case we get some instrument that dreads the key of G.

Think it's fair I count Kayla for french horn?
Who has the ability to record their parts?
i can do more than triangle if needed........but im just happy to be apart :-)

i could do sax and go kenny g on your ass's! ha
The list will be finalized Friday night (or Saturday if I know people are missing)

Once we figure that out, we'll have a discussion about tempo, key, form, and chord progressions.

Once we establish that, OiP or myself will record a basic guitar or piano track just laying out the form for each band member to work on something of their own to add to it.

We won't worry about anything like recording or mixing until the time comes.
Do you play sax? I'd love to include that.
my wonderfully musical brother is teaching loads of instruments which is handy!
so yes i can play slightly
Slightly isn't bad. Unless we have someone who plays it wonderfully, you may add some sax.

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