Remember a year or two ago when we discussed collaborating on a song where we each do one thing?

Let's do it.

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would my karaoke experience help?

im sure it wont be a patch on your lovely accent
I wanna join but I'm pretty useless. I can't sing/play an instrument/rap.
You got mad rap skills
I have access to Drums, Bass, Keys, Accordion, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mics, and a Korg DC3200 recording studio.
Oh and I can do vox, both back up and lead.
Does he have a way of recording them?
Remember to add recording equipment.

Meaning I could mix.
I also have pen and paper for sweet lyrics.
i would be willing to mix the UK's part in this
we could cover something before doing one of our own, just to see how it works out?

teenage dirt.....*no edgey we have talked about this*

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