Remember a year or two ago when we discussed collaborating on a song where we each do one thing?

Let's do it.

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I do play a mean jazz kazoo.
Alrighty. How are we gonna do it?
i have a musically talented brother.........

i can play the triangle!
Basically, we agree on a song or write a basic chord progression. Everyone record their parts and send them to me (quality does not matter, it may end up sounding like some demos of from Alone) I have the equipment to mix and produce it and I will do that and play something myself. We just need a master list of who's in and playing what.

If you play multiple things, post the list and I'll deduct what's needed once the list is final. (just think, most of us play guitar, but since I play mandolin, bass, recorder, and more, I won't be playing guitar to avoid 40 guitar tracks) Don't let that scare you though. If you're guitar player #40 and want to be a part of this, I can make it work.

List thus far:
Chombey - Mandolin, Recorder, various percussion, vocals, bass, piano
Sugah - Kazoo
Blurkom - guitar, bass, drums, keyboard
Edgey - Triangle
HoC - Cowbell, guitar, bass
Do you actually own a triangle? I'd be down for including it.
I play guitar and some bass but I would prefer the cowbell part if at all possible.
i can borrow my brothers :)
As long as you have access to one, I'd love to include it.
I'll totally buy one just for this project. Typhoon plays drums. Maybe he's got one, I'll check.
i also could slightly help on bass...........and harmonica........ish
Where does one buy a kazoo?

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