Attention Washington DC! Dungeon Master's Guide (Weezer Tribute) to perform the Blue Album in Arlington, VA. FREE Show!!

If you happen to live in the DC Metro area and aren't doing anything Thursday October 7 night you should totally come check out my band, "Dungeon Master's Guide." We'll be playing Blue Album from start to finish note for note. We also have other songs to add for the second set. It should be great time! Best of all , its FREE!

We should go on around 9:30, but come early!

Dungeon Master's Guide
October 7, 2010
Hunan Number One
Arlington, VA

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That is right by my apartment and I'd totally go but I have class that night...please post if you are ever playing in Arlington again!
aww man. we may not play again since this a kinda like a one time reunion with my college buddies. What time is class over? You may still be able to catch some of the set.
Class gets out at 10- but in ffx :( How long is the set?
we'll probably start around 10.. 10:15. we're playing for an hour and 15 min.. you'll probably catch the middle of the Blue Album Set.

But after that we're doing 5 more songs. Some from Pinkerton and some B-sides.
Ever coming up to the NYC area? We're in need of some good weezer covers!
clips from the show ( just the solos )

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