It has been many-a-moon since I last decided to run for President of Earth (ah yeah), and I have been mulling it over....... Do I run for President of Earth this year?

I failed to gain the votes needed to win, but I won many hearts along the way.. but whether the support of is enough this year remains to be seen. We have experienced a mass recession in s p o i c y j o x on these boards.

Only with this board can I pull this off.

So, dear subjects.

Do I run for PREZ-EARTH??

I'm Dr. Barack Lurkom, PhD, and I approve of this message.

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brahz the election is in less than 48 hours

ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

(you got my vote)

Dr. Barack Lurkom PhD said:

get it on

if-i-were-an-orange said:

what is your policy on drinking two coronas while shirtless and under a bunch of roots?

so where do we go to vote this year?

i wouldn't want to miss my chance!

at either or

18.5 hours brahz.


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