Help me compile a list plz

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casey anthony
upsetting blake

Jupiter 80 said:
casey anthony
warped vinyl records

Cold weather!

Our heater is busted and won't be repaired til Wed. 

i bet you looked like a twat!

a few months late but still...

bastard brofessefef said:

Wearing a vest while varnishing the decking in my garden and ending up with sunburn vest lines.


I am obsessed with my does everything....

it could kick my toaster oven's ass :p

Led Wilde said:

I hate: People's obsession with cell phones.

Don't understand it at all. It's just a stupid phone. You start bragging to me about your cell phone and I stop listening. I just wanna say,"Oh, wow! You mean to tell me that you're awesome because you have a device that was invented in the 1800's except they are portable now and it has all this useless s*** on it?! Wow! That is so fascinating! Tell me more!!! Tell me about your toaster oven while you're at it!"


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