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This is terrible! I hate dubstep. 

They certainly butchered one of the best songs ever

Hugh Lovric said:

This is terrible! I hate dubstep. 

I don't hate dubstep (but I don't like it either) but that was just poorly executed by any kind of standards.

It sounded pretty cool to me. I do like the original one a lot more (maybe like 85% more) but it kind of has a cool sound to it. It does help that I find Dubstep kind of cool. Has any one heard the Dubstep versions of the Zelda songs? Now those are sweet.

Ruined it completely

btw if you like zelda then listen to this :

I Fight Dragons> dubstep

I think it's okay

didn't really sound like dub-step to me.  where were all the farting sounds?

Jens, that Zelda cover is great.  i Fight Dragons just released a new album, good stuff

just so I understand the question that I'm supposed to answer, are you offended because it was done so poorly? or because it's "dub step"?

I really don't like it at all... then again I'm a sucker for guitars.. bands.. etc.. pretty much everything that version is not.

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