I'm an avid fan of both reading and writing poetry. Below is a piece that I "finished" recently. It's from a series I've been working on entitled "Elora Nights".  

Fleurs Mortes

You delivered dead roses to my freshly painted front door, your scent still lingered on their frail corpses

You returned to your snow globe with its flower baskets and gallows swinging in the swift, west wind

The black X already marked in my name, yet I walked upon your tightrope, hoping not to fall into the ashes of the autumn leaves below.


Sparrows seeded tulips by your basement window, and my pink dress melted the dusty February snow

You said your heart had finally bloomed.

Yet slowly a petal here and there, would fall, and your eyes turned from cerulean to dusk

The X bleeding through my dress, stained and dirty.

I washed and washed my mind, bleaching, scrubbing until my nails were painted crimson with blood


You lured me to your mausoleum and we took our places side by side

My body, an empty vessel clinging to dead organs that you despised

You burned all the tears I cried; shamefacedly I limped away into the forest of prudence 

And I emptied my last beat of my mind onto your tulips, and the last petal fell

I took off my dress and laid it on the ground.


Pink and black, my ears leaked your words

I loved you. You hurt me.


T.M. Pongracz -2012




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Now that you mention it...yes, that would be genius.

But, no, I just like reading others' works.

Cas23 said:

are you doing this to get ideas (or just copying poems) for song writing? because if you are, thats wrong, yet genius, too


So wrong yet so funny! You never cease to amuse. 

I don't know what your profession is spaz but I really hope you do some comedy...you are a natural!

damination {spaz} said:

fine, non penis poem coming up

I'm trying to do this based on memory, something I wrote in high school:


Oh burning pork flesh

you smell so sweet

Oh burning pork flesh

your taste can't be beat


Oh burning pork flesh

I paid by the pound

Oh burning pork flesh

the spit spins you 'round


I put an apple in your mouth

so that you won't squeal

and in an hour

you'll be my meal


Oh burning pork flesh

your revenge is so sweet

Oh burning pork flesh

when my heart stops to beat





*though I feel it's neccesary at this time to point out that I am not a vegetarian*


brofessefef said:

You dirty f***** poetry thief.

edgey44 - inventing mostly said:

roses are red violets are blue

i have a knife, get in the van

Tanya Michelle Pongracz said:

Sigh...men and their penises...

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