I'm heading from London (UK) for the shows in Bethlehem and Huntington.


I'm not sure what's usual for Weezer shows, but I hope to get there early to get a place on the barrier.



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I'll be at the PA show. Are you coming to the US just to see weezer?

Hi Lisa,

I'm coming just to see Weezer but hope to catch up with a few people in New York.

I'm a Tori Amos fan as well so it's not unusual for us to go abroad for gigs or to do multiple shows. I did some east coast shows for her in 2011.

Cool! I hope to see you at the show - sounds like a fun adventure!

I hope it will be fun, but it's also my first Weezer shows! Despite having discovered them about a decade and a half ago, other artists seem to have come first when it came to gigs and I missed several opportunities to see them in London. I'm really looking forward to it. I really enjoyed my trip a couple of years ago (and I don't care if they play recent stuff as I liked Hurley :))

I was wondering if anyone could recommend any accommodation for the shows? I'm travelling by bus from Newark airport to Bethlehem on the 22/11 and need somewhere to stay for two nights. I would prefer to stay in Newark for my whole trip but I don't think there is 24h public transport between Bethlehem and Newark. Is it just as easy to stay in Allentown?

I'm looking for somewhere close to venue or public transport so I'm not schlepping around too much and not too expensive!

Hey Stephen-

We are going to both shows as well.  We live in NY (on Long Island).  We will be driving from LI to PA early show morning and staying at the Marriott.


Then Sunday morning,  we will head back to Long Island for the 2nd show.  You are more than welcome to ride along with us......I can look into another hotel for you on the Island or we can drop you off at the LIRR (railroad station) to catch a train to Newark airport or NYC.  Let me know if you need more info!

if your on facebook we can talk faster and easier...  or email me at dknobel@Optonline.net

Hi Dina,

I booked a hotel in the north of the Bethlehem near the bus station where I'll land when I arrive from the airport and I'm there for two nights. I've been looking into places in NY/Long Island and haven't decided on anywhere yet or whether to go with Newark, but I might go with NY. I'll probably sort it tomorrow.

I'd gladly join you on the trip to NY. I'm going to send you an email.

just be careful

Newark ain't very nice

I know about Newark's reputation and was really only considering staying in a hotel near the airport.

I live 10 min from Newark airport.... You really don't want to stay in Newark. Send me a PM I can give you some suggestions...

I'm not staying in Newark :))

I'm in Bethlehem for two nights and then I'm in NY for one night.

Thanks for all the help, I'm really looking forward to it.

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